Invention History Of Gunpowder  

Gunpowder was discovered much before the armies existed in various parts of the world. However, it was used for other purposes and not war. Gun powder could have been developed in 142 AD at the time of the Han Dynasty.

A man by the name of Wei Boyang wrote about it first. He mentioned that a mixture of three powders could fly and dance violently. It may be a possibility that he meant gun powder. It could be because it is the only explosive material that uses three different kinds of powder mixture. He could have been a Taoist who was trying to find a potion that gave eternal life. By 300 AD during the Chin dynasty a scientist by the name of Ge Hong wrote down the ingredients that went into the making of gunpowder and said that one could make ammunition by mixing sulfur, charcoal, saltpeter and potassium nitrate.

Potassium nitrate and salt peter is available through animal manure and even plant manure. You can easily drain them by washing it down. When these three products are mixed in their right proportion, you get gun powder. In 700 AD, the Tang dynasty started using gun powder for fireworks and had grand displays during celebrations. By the year 904 AD, the Chinese emperors saw that the gun powder had great potential and can be used as an efficient war weapon. The Chinese emperors did not want o spread their discovery but by 1100 AD the Islamic and the Roman Empire learnt about it already.

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Invention History Of Gunpowder


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