History Of Ancient Roman Art  

Ancient Roman art is usually considered to be much more than just art. Instead, it is defined as the art of Roman civilization, from the period of the first emperor Romulus to the time of Emperor Constantine. The rich history of ancient roman art extends over a period of over 1000 years and is certain worth studying.

A lot of distinctive features of Roman art originated from the art of the Etruscans, the predecessors of the Romans. As Roman ascendancy across Europe, ancient Roman art took up this Etruscan style of art. The Etruscan influence is evident in the Roman temples, murals, sculpture, architecture, and portraiture. The Ancient Roman art was also largely influenced by some of the major aspects of Hellenistic art forms prevalent in the Greek colonies of southern Italy and Sicily. Although Hellenistic art of the Greeks became popular in Rome after the defeat of Corinth in 146 BC, it was not absorbed completely until the rule of the Emperor Hadrian (AD 117-38). The Greek influence on the Ancient Roman art is clearly reflected in the statues, buildings, sculptures, portraitures, and other architecture that was made in the later republic and early Imperial period of the Roman history.

Besides the Greek and the Etruscan influences, ancient Roman Art had its own distinctive characters and made its own unique contributions to the field of art. Unlike the Greek art, the authentic Roman art form, like the one seen in the famous Roman Colosseum, had a more secular and utilitarian character. It emphasized more on scale and grandeur. The use of arch, concrete, and the dome was first developed by the ancient Romans. The famous architectures, like the Pantheon in Rome and the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople, are live examples of the same.

The rich Roman art was adopted even by the Germanic tribes that invaded Rome and caused the final collapse of the Roman Empire. The greatest revival of the ancient Roman art happened during the fifteen century Italian Renaissance. Its impact and legacy continues to exist even today and is evident in all branches of art.

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History Of Ancient Roman Art




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