How Did Augustus Die ?  

Augustus Caesar fell gravely ill in the year 23 B,C. He wanted to appoint a successor to his distinctive place in Rome and its government, an heir capable of dealing with all political matters and the public. Augustan historians have different arguments regarding the issue of his heir. According to some historians, he wanted to appoint his sister’s son Marcellus, who was hurriedly married to Augustus’ daughter, Julia, the Elder, while other historians disagree this because of Augustus’ will showed that he had a soft corner for Marcus Agrippa. He was Augustus’ second in command and perhaps the only one of his fellow men to lead the masses and hold the Roman Empire united.

But Marcellus died in the year 23 B.C., and his daughter was married to Agrippa. Agrippa managed the eastern part of the Empire for five years, but he was not granted the complete authority. Augustus wanted to nominate his adopted sons Gaius and Lucius his heirs. So they were made into consuls. Augustus was also in favor of his stepsons Nero Claudius Drusus and Tiberius Claudius, Livia’s sons from her previous marriage. So he gave them military commands and public office. Agrippa died in 12 B.C., and Livia’s son Tiberius married Agrippa’s widow and Augustus’ daughter Julia.

Augustus had gone to visit the site of his father’s death at Nola. Here he breathed his last on August 19, 14 AD. In his last moments, Livia was present beside his deathbed along with Tiberius. So Augustus declared Tiberius his heir.

A large number of mourners gathered together to take part in his funeral procession from Nola to Rome. All public and private industries, institutions and trades were closed on the day of his funeral. Tiberius and his son Drusus gave him the last tribute while standing on the top of two platforms. The coffin containing his body was reduced to ashes on a pyre near to his tomb. It was asserted that Augustus has united with the gods to represent the Roman pantheon. But in the year 410, during the sack of Rome, his tomb was desecrated by the invading Goths and his remains were strewn.

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How Did Augustus Die




Augustus-Caesar-Biography      Augustus Caesar, born in Rome in the year 63 BC on September 23, is considered to be the first greatest Roman Emperor. He was the absolute monarch for over forty years, from 27 B.C. until 14 A.D. This reign was popularly called the Augustan Age. Though he was a rigid politician and soldier, he stopped civil wars and took Rome to new heights of peace, order, prosperity and royal magnitude. August, the 8th month of the Gregorian calendar, is also named after his name. More..




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