The Fall Of Rome Facts  

The fall of Roman Empire was an ongoing process that continued for over hundreds of years. The legend has it that Rome was not built in a day, and most historians believe that it was not destroyed in a day either. All the major events that contributed to the Fall of Rome have been categorized into different periods.

Following are some of the interesting Fall of Rome facts in each of these periods:

  • Invasions by the German tribes from the north increased significantly during 235-284 AD, also known as the ‘Barracks Emperors’ period. In this period, as many as 20 different emperors ruled Rome. All the monarchs were related to military and were not efficient enough to rule a vast, polyglot empire in a structured manner.
  • During the Diocletian period (245-305), the empire was reorganized to have two major parts, with each part further divided into provinces, dioceses, and prefectures. The emperor who ruled during this period eliminated the influence of the military and Christianity. He allegedly committed suicide by starving himself to death when he failed to rule successfully.
  • The pressure to split the empire into two independent parts or empires increased considerably during 305-324 AD. A renewed struggle was undertaken during this period to suppress the Barbarians.
  • Constantine (274-337 AD) headed the eastern Byzantine Empire and made its capital at Constantinople. He was one of the greatest emperors in the history of Rome. He passed away in 327 AD while attempting to Christianize Persia.
  • The most famous Roman emperors, such as Julian, Valens, Theodosius, and Romulus Augustulus, made a lasting impression in the history of Rome with their skills, valor, or intelligence.
  • Romulus Augustulus was the last emperor to rule the western empire. He was over thrown by German Chieftain Odovacar in 476 AD in capital city of Ravenna.

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The Fall Of Rome Facts




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