Inventions Of The Roman Empire  

Besides a rich culture and a set of religious beliefs, the Roman Empire was also known for its technological achievements and inventions that played an important role in shaping up other civilizations. The Romans were considered to be experts in adaptive innovation.

They revised the existing concepts and developments and gave new heights to the inventions by others by taking them to innovative levels of use and functionality. Thus, most of the inventions of the Roman Empire were nothing but enhanced versions of old inventions made in the past.

Some of the major inventions of the Roman Empire included improved military organizations, high tech weapons, armor, siege technology, distinctive Roman architecture, naval equipments, medical instruments, irrigation systems, and civil planning methods. Several other important inventions were made in the areas of engineering, construction, agriculture, civic, military, and governmental development.

While majority of new inventions and technologies developed by the Romans originated from common pre-established themes, some of the inventions and innovations were completely new. Some of the most popular instances of inventions of the Roman Empire were the Aqueduct, milling machine powered by water, roads, proper systems of pipes and sewage, thermal heating, metallurgy, multi-storied buildings, construction of domes, building bridges, glasswork.

The Romans also invented concrete and made possible it to be used widely. They were also responsible for giving homes and offices glass windows. Besides, Roman military made its contributions by devising original training methodologies, discipline, and in the fields of medicine, weaponry, and missile technology. This blend of novel methodologies, technical innovation, and ingenious inventions gave the Roman military an upper hand against its enemies for more than 500 years and made it the supreme power, one that the world had never encountered.

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Inventions Of The Roman Empire




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