American History Of Fireworks  

The citizens of America celebrate their independence day in a very grand manner. This is a time for families and friends to get together and enjoy. Some of the highlights of this day include Barbecues and more importantly the grand fireworks to commemorate the faith and courage of the founders who achieved freedom after their tireless struggle.

It is the fruit of the extraordinary sacrifice and commitment shown by the great leaders that they achieved independence for the country. The US constitution was endorsed and the fundamental principles of freedom were also declared and this is upheld till today. 

US citizens celebrate their independence day on 4 July every year following the declaration of freedom in Philadelphia on July 4, 1776. City bells chimed, bands played when the Declaration of independence was loudly read to the citizens. Post 1941, on July 4, the country organizes patriotic speeches, pageants, parades, firing of cannons and guns and displays colorful fireworks as part of their grand celebration. 

Research reveals that fireworks were extensively used by the Americans even before the celebration of the Independence. However, during the early part of 20th century, fireworks were generally restricted for the safety of the public during the celebration. Family outings, picnics and vacations became the order of the day. 

Every year, the citizens of American proudly look forward to the innovative display of new colors on the sky through enjoyable crackers which soar high up and burst for the world to see. The organizers reserve a new visual treat every year for the exciting viewers.

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American History Of Fireworks




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