American History Timeline  

The American Revolution was a struggle by the colonies for independence from Great Britain. Here is a brief American history timeline showing how United States ultimately came into existence.

American History Timeline:

1763: The British acquire North America on defeating France
1765: The Stamp Act is passed by British where colonists would be taxed wherever revenue stamps are required. Revenue stamps were made mandatory on legal documents, newspapers, deeds, playing cards, dice and pamphlets.
1766: Repletion of the Stamp Act. Another declaratory act is passed and Britain regains the right to levy taxes on the colonies.
1773: Boston Tea Party event. Colonists participate in the party and are disguised as Native Americans. They throw tea from the British ships to oppose the Tea Act as the colonists were taxed for buying tea from Britain.
1775 The first few battles of the war begins and the American troops defeat the British troops in the Lexington and Concord battles. American Army then captures Fort Ticonderoga. This begins another war in the New York City. Americans are defeated by the British during the Battle of Bunker Hill. George Washington leads the Continental Army
1776: The Declaration of Independence is adopted by The Continental Congress in the month of July
1776: The British seize New York by defeating American Army the Battle of Long Island
1777: The British Army captures Pennsylvania and Philadelphia.
1781: Most of the fights in North America end after British surrender at Yorktown.
1783: Once the Treaty of Paris is signed, US is recognized as an independent nation.
1787: US Constitution is signed.
1789: US Constitution comes into effect.

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American History Timeline




American History Timeline :

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