American Red Cross History  

The American Red Cross organization is a non-profit organization that is funded federally and by the donations from the public. It was formed in the year 1881 on May 21. It is popularly known by other names such as American Association of the Red Cross, ARC and American National Red Cross. This organization provides assistance to the victims of any major disaster.

Clara Barton, who worked as a clerk in the Patent Office at the US, was known to many as "Angel of the Battlefield" for her contributions to assist the victims during the American civil war. She went ahead and founded the American Red Cross organization. Barton collected and distributed various supplies to the soldiers of the War and served as a nurse in the battle fields.

The International Red Cross was founded in Switzerland in 1863 and Barton wanted to start the American version. She became the first president after establishing the organization and served there for about 23 years. On August 22, 1881, the American Red Cross responded to Michigan forest fire disaster. Later, major relief operations were carried out for victims of hurricanes, floods and fires over the next few years. During the Johnstown flood which occurred in 1889, the American Red Cross helped the victims who were dislocated by setting up temporary shelters.

One other major disaster which the American Red Cross assisted was for the San Francisco earthquake in the year 1906. The organization helped in the areas of water safety, first aid and nursing. In 1907, it helped to raise funds for the National Tuberculosis Association to combat tuberculosis.

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American Red Cross History




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