Columbus Day And American History  

The contribution of Christopher Columbus for the discovery of America can never be forgotten. It has drastically shaped the country’s development. Columbus wanted to find a better route via the sea to the East Indies. Between 1477 and 1482, Columbus traveled to various places to prepare on his quest for a new route to East Indies.

When he proposed his plan in 1484 to King John, he was rejected. After a couple of years, he again proposed the same plan to King Ferdinand and also Queen Isabella of Spain. He was approved for the mission this time and he organized a crew of 90 members to embark on the journey. 

Though he did not completely succeed in finding a new route to the East Indies, he became the first European to land in the region known today as America. This part of the land was not known to have existed before and came to be called “The New World”. 

To celebrate this wonderful discovery, Columbus Day is celebrated every year on the second Monday in the month of October. During the later years, this became a national holiday. In the year 1866, the first celebration of this special day was organized in New York by the people of Italy residing in the city. In 1892, on the 400th anniversary of the voyage of Columbus, President Benjamin Harrison commemorated the great discoverer and proclaimed the Columbus Day. In 1905, the state of Colorado observed the Columbus Day for the first time. Since 1920, this day was declared a holiday and has been popularly celebrated by the Americans.

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Columbus Day And American History




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