History Of American Lung Association  

Researchers have always been on the look out to finds ways and means to fight illnesses and diseases. There have been many successes and breakthroughs in these years. The American Lung Association is one such formation that was brought out to fight against the tuberculosis from which people have been suffering.

They have been at the forefront along with the American Lung Association of Washington, a local state chapter that has come up with discoveries to help and understand such lung diseases as well.

History of the American Lung Association proves that people, right from children to aged and old have benefited. They have fought against their asthma, tuberculosis and many more illness and lead a happy and healthy life. 

The American Lung Association is still on the verge of discovering more and more advanced techniques and new treatments with their supportive educational programs, namely asthma camps that was attended by not less than 150 children in 2001 who are volunteered by medical supervision and learn to cope up with their asthma. Treatments for diseases like emphysema and pulmonary fibrosis are still at large. The researchers, scientists and volunteers are still on the job to find a cure.  

Although it was formed in 1904, in 1929 they came out with techniques to diagnose lung disease with X-ray machines and 1930 saw the new tuberculin test to diagnose tuberculosis. Dr Waksman of Rutgers University came up with streptomycin, a weapon against the deadly tuberculosis in 1944. There was no more looking back with year after year; the researchers came up with new and effective developments.

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History Of American Lung Association




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