History Of Native American Indians  

History of Indian tribes in North America begins with Sandia in 15000 BC, Clovis in 12000 BC and Folsom in 8000 BC as per the oldest documents. It was Christopher Columbus who came up with the name “Indian”, although it was purely a mistake he committed by believing the islands and mainland of America to be a part of Indies that is in Asia.

There were an approximate ten million Native American Indians in the 16th and 17th centuries when the Europeans came to North America for the first time. But it was twenty to thirty thousand years ago that the first Native Americans arrived.  

The American culture and history have been using this traditional name “Indian”. Then followed the equally popular and politically term “Native American”. Both have been used commonly by different people going by their personal preferences. They are named Native Americans or American Indian. They happen to be America’s first inhabitants. Although they stand to lose their ancient way of life, their culture and religion with the spirit of an American Indian has been enduring.  

There are some specific American Indian tribes who have been natives. To name a few, Alabamas gave their name to the state of Alabama. Apalachees who originally belong to northern Florida live in Louisiana today and in Canada it is the Blackfoot. Caddos are known for their pottery art who can be found in Texas. 

Illinois Indians were almost wiped out in 1700s after whom the State of Illinois is named after. To name some more, Kansas has been named after the Kansa Indian tribe.

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History Of Native American Indians




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