History Of The American Bulldog  

Bulldogs are meant to be all-rounder dogs. They are used for many different tasks. It is the working class immigrants who brought these dogs with them to the southern parts of America. It was more particularly the small farmers and ranchers who used these all-around working dogs.

This breed was almost extinct by the end of World War II, but for Mr. John D. Johnson, who was a returning war veteran. He along with Alan Scott and several other breeders decided to resurrect this breed and began to breed these American Bulldogs. He started maintaining records with utmost care. He took equal care to maintain their health. It was in 1999, on January 1 that the American bulldog was recognized by the United Kennel Club. The American bulldog is an old English bulldog. It is a domestic dog. Since it was Johnson and Alan Scott who were bent upon resurrecting this breed, hence, they are also considered to be two types of this breed, the Johnson type and the Scott type. 

These happy and friendly dogs can live for around 10-14 years. They are more at ease with the family and they bond strongly with their master. History proves that they are working dogs that have high energy drives. But they need to be kept on watch as they have a destructive tendency.

American bulldogs, being strong and physically active, are equally healthy and are no more in danger of extinction. They are increasingly getting popular both as a working dog as well as a family pet.

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History Of The American Bulldog




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