Strange Events In American History  

Every nation is proud of its Independence Day, the most important date in its history. On 4 July, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was formally adopted and signed, uniting the 13 British colonies and paving way to form the United States of America.

One of the strangest events behind this historical date is that it was the 2 July when the Declaration was adopted. But it was the 4 July when it was signed by two people, taking many months to get the whole of Continental Congress to sign the Declaration. The next year, Vermont, the first American state abolished slavery in 1777.

What many do not know is that the Americans thought they could reconcile the differences with the British. But the book “Common Sense” by Thomas Paine convinced the importance of independence. Income tax began after the Revolutionary War in 1812 to pay off national debt. Discontinued in 1817, it was re-established in 1862 to pay for the Civil War losses. The War of 1812 has sometimes been called the Second War of Independence, fought between the United States and Great Britain.

Two important signers of the Declaration of Independence, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, died on the 50th anniversary of the event, July 4. A century after independence, Susan Anthony read The Declaration of Rights for Women at the Centennial Exhibition on this date of 1876.

The next most important event was the Civil War. Battle of Antietam marked the single deadliest day and the Battle of Gettysburg the deadliest of the entire battle when the total casualty number rose to around 1,030,000.

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Strange Events In American History




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