Elemantary Education African American History  

African American history deals with the black ethnic group in the US. Most of them were Africans descendants held as slaves in the US right from 1619 all through 1865. In addition, Blacks who belonged to the Caribbean islands since their ancestors had immigrated to the US or who immigrated to the country on their own were considered to be African Americans.

They were earlier referred to as American Negros, which not considered a politically incorrect terminology. 

1909: Around 300 Blacks and White Americans met at New York City and started NAACP.
1920: James Weldon, a black American became the secretary
1915: Great Migration period brought in millions of African-Americans Pittsburgh, Chicago and Harlem and other industrial centers of the North.
1928: Oscar DePriest became the first Black American to join the Congress at the end of the Reconstruction era
1929: The “Great Depression” era traumatized Americans and resulted in huge unemployment
1945: W.E.B. DuBois, was elected the president of the Pan-African Movement
1948: Ralph J. Bunche became the first Black American to successfully win the Nobel Prize for mediating Israeli-Palestine conflict 

The United States celebrates the Black History month during February every year. It is also celebrated in Canada. This commemorates the important leaders, great personalities and the other memorable events that were a part of the African Diaspora. 

In the year 1926, Carter G. Woodson, a historian, designated the "Negro History Week" to be during the second week of February. This was because former slave Frederick Douglass and former President Abraham Lincoln, the two Americans who had a great influence on the socio and living conditions of the African Americans, were born during the second week of February. 

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Elemantary Education African American History




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