Historical Places In African American History  

There are many historical monuments and sites which commemorate the notable achievements of the great African-Americans. Some historical places in African American history are as follows:

Historical Places in African American History:

  • Booker T. Washington National Monument -- this is the birthplace of this famous educator and leader
  • Boston African-American National Historic Site -- includes some civil war structures and heritage trail
  • S.A Camping Safaris -- A famous camping safari
  • Brown vs. Board of Education National Historic Site -- Commemoration of ending the racial segregation in the public schools.
  • Dunbar House State Memorial -- this is a national historical landmark restored by the poet named Paul Laurence Dunbar
  • Fort Laramie National Historic Site -- A historically significant park
  • George Washington Carver National Monument -- This is the childhood home and birthplace of George Washington Carver who is a reputed humanitarian, agronomist and educator
  • Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site -- 9 African American students were prevented entering this school in 1957 and it resulted in a huge national struggle over the issue of school desegregation by the federal government
  • Maggie L. Walker National Historic Site -- Maggie L. Walker was the daughter of a slave who became very popular in the Richmond black community. She became the first black woman to serve as a president in a bank and was successful in the business and finance fields too.
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site -- This site is the birthplace of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. It contains the church as well as the grave of this civil rights leader.
  • Mary McLeod Bethune Council House National Historic Site -- This commemorates the leadership of Bethune in the women’s rights movement of the Black American Women.

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Historical Places In African American History




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