List Of African American Women And Men In History  

History of African American men or women is no different and is much of a part of American history. During the period of 1619 to 1865, there were Africans brought as captives, the basic descendants. It is not just they, but also the Caribbean blacks who migrated and settled in the US are traditionally termed as the African American.

The very same people were earlier called as American Negros. But now they are referred as African Americans. The United States of America celebrates these people in February every year that is called Black History Month.  

There are people who migrated from Africa or South America or from elsewhere who are referred to as African American as their self-identification. But the majority of them were brought as slaves who were sold by the African States as prisoners of wars. Some of them were the victims of kidnapping done by Europeans or the Americans. This was done as they were in need of laborers badly.

History reveals of seven regions from where these Africans had descended under the slavery trade. Out of the seven, West Central Africa had the highest percentage of 26.1 percent standing tall in the numero uno position. Then follows Bight of Biafra that had 24.4 percent as its share. While Sierra Leone, being the third has 15.8 percent share; Senegambia was the fourth region that held 14.5 percent.  

Gold Coast was not much behind. It shared a percentage of 13.1 percent. Mozambique Madagascar was the region that had the minimum percentage of 1.8 percent and hence, the last; whereas Bight of Benin was slightly higher in percentage with 4.3 percent.

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List Of African American Women And Men In History




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List Of African American Women And Men In History )
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