Cause And Effect Of The Civil War  

Each war, whether it is a civil war or a war between two different countries, has many causes which initiated it and the same wars have some long lasting effects. In case of the American Civil War, slavery could be attributed as one of the main causes.

When Abraham Lincoln was elected the President, the southern states in the US felt that they may get into trouble due to their slavery habits and due to Lincoln’s anti-slavery stand. Hence, these southern states began seceding from the United States and thus, the seeds of the Civil War were sown. While the northern states that were more into industries supported Lincoln, the southern states who were more into agriculture, felt the need to indulge in slavery for the survival of their occupation.

After the War ended in 1865, one major effect of the same was abolishment of slavery. There were many economic and political changes after the war and there were no more secessions after the end of the year. The southern states, in fact, faced severe depression due to the devastation from the war; to the extent that the northern states governments had to chip in to help the southern states bounce back.

Though slavery did end after the Civil War, something called as sharecropping started off where the white farm owners could get cheap labor and continue to make profits. This was as good as slavery but no one ever called it so and thus this procedure got away with it. The African Americans were still being oppressed and the one major effect of the war was loss of 60,000 lives in the US, which was the largest ever.

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Cause And Effect Of The Civil War




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