Civil War Weapons Union Vs Confederacy  

Though there were different types of weapons used during the Civil War, both the Union soldiers and the Confederate soldiers had similar weapons.  There were traditional weapons like swords, axes, harpoons and spears that were used by the Union army and in reply to that the Confederate army also carried swords, Bowie knives and some of them even carried ancestral blades along with them.

While the Union Army preferred to use the Colt Army Revolver, one of the favorites among the Confederates was the Colt 1851 Navy revolver. Even when it came to rifles, there were similar kinds that were being used by both the sides. The Union Army commonly used the Springfield Model 1861 rifle while the Confederate Army used the Fayetteville rifle.  

If the Union Army used Ketchum grenades, the Confederates preferred to use spherical grenades and they also used Rains and Adams grenades which was their answer to the Ketchum grenades. The grenades used by both were crude handmade grenades.  

Though there were many modern age weapons used in the Civil War, the confederates would sometimes rely on just civilian arms such as shotguns and hunting rifles. When it started to become clear that they may not be able to win the War, the British government refused to sell them the arms and thus, it led to a shortage of military arms for the Confederates.  

Apart from these, there were some common weapons which were used by both such as the Beaumont Adams revolver, the Lefaucheux revolver, and the Enfield rifles.

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Civil War Weapons Union Vs Confederacy




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Civil War Weapons Union Vs Confederacy )
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