Civil War Weapons  

The American Civil War saw the use of large number of weapons. These included small weapons, big weapons and even some edged weapons. Given below is a brief list of the kinds of weapons that were used in the Civil War.

In spite of the advent of many gun powder weapons, the civil war saw the use of many weapons like swords, axes, bowie knives, spears etc.  

Many different kinds of revolvers were used. These included double action handguns, heavy large caliber pistols and even pocket pistols and small revolvers. The next most commonly used weapon in the Civil War was the rifles. These shoulder arms were preferred due to their range, accuracy and reliability. These rifles were of two types namely breech loading and muzzle loading and it was reported that breech loading rifles were able to fire more rapidly and because of this both the armies were in need of more ammunition. The breech loaders were used mainly by Cavalry.  

The Civil War weapons also included handmade crude grenades which would detonate upon impact. One more type of weapon that was commonly used was the multi-barreled .58 caliber rapid fire gun. This gun could fire 300 rounds per minute. Since there were multiple barrels, this gun could be used for longer periods of time without refilling. But for some reason, these guns were not as commonly used as the rifles.

Apart from these, there were also the huge cannons that were used. These cannons were made out of steel, iron or bronze, whatever was available.

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Civil War Weapons




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