Weapons Used During The Civil War  

There was no dearth of varieties of weapons that were used in the Civil War, whether they were modern ones or even traditional ones. These included knives and swords, handguns, rifles and some new weapons such as the grenades and machine guns.

While there were simple revolvers like LeMAt revolver, Remington model revolvers and the Colt revolvers that were used, there were some strange ones like Cogswell Pepper Box revolver and the Duckfoot percussion pistols also that were used. There were many pistols like Colt Army model 1860, Colt Navy model 1861, Starr revolver, LeMat revolver and the Double Barrel Derringer, which was just about 1 pound and had a length of 4.75 inches.  

The rifles were also an important weapon in the civil war. The M1863 rifle, the Richmond High Hump musket, the Plymouth rifle, the Henry repeating rifle and the 1853 Enfield 3 Band Percussion rifle are some of the rifle types that were used in the civil war.

Traditional weapons like the swords were also used. The US M1850 staff and field officer’s sword, the US Calvary Sabre 1860, The confederate officer’s saber, Confederate (Shelby) officer’s sword etc. were some of the swords that were in use during the civil war.

This is not all, there were shotguns also that were used and these shotguns were 16 gauge, had 30 inch barrels and these shotguns were also considered as a mark of transition from black powder to cartridge. The number of weapons used in the civil war is enormous and it is not possible to list each and every weapon.

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Weapons Used During The Civil War




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