What Color Uniforms Did The North Wear In The Civil War ?  

The Civil War was basically a war between the people of the same country. The civil war was fought between the Northern and the Southern states of the United States. Since the northern states were more in number, their uniform was varied as per the infantry units.

But the color of the Union states was blue and majority of the Northern troops could be found in blue wool trousers and light shirt. Their uniform also included flannel drawers, thick pullover flannel shirt, a kepi cap, blue forage hat, heavy leather shoes, bootees and woolen socks. Besides the soldiers also had dark blue flannel sack coat, a heavy thick wool blanket, and a gummed or water proofed blanket as well.

One could differentiate between the different branches of the union army depending on the different colored stripes on the outer seam of the trousers. If they were light blue in color, then the soldier belonged to infantry, if it was green in color, then it was for mounted riflemen. Likewise red signified artillery, yellow was for cavalry and crimson was meant for medical and ordnance.  

Even the coats depicted the difference in the ranks of the officers. While junior officers up to the rank of the captain wore single breasted coats, majors and above wore double breasted coats.

Thus, by looking at the color of the uniform and the design of the coats, one could identify the unit that the soldier belonged to and the rank that he may probably be in.

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What Color Uniforms Did The North Wear In The Civil War ?




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What Color Uniforms Did The North Wear In The Civil War ? )
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