Why Did The Civil War Happen ?  

In case of the American Civil War, one thing led to another. It has been a roller coaster ride in history for the Americans and finally they found themselves amidst a war that was very difficult to end. It goes all the way back to why America was founded and it all started when King Charles came to power in England in 1685.

That is how long back the war started brewing in its ugly pot. However, what really started of the Civil War in America was when the American people started fighting against slavery. Abraham Lincoln was the first president to have campaigned against it in 1961.

The main reason of the Civil War was the protest against slavery. People like Abraham Lincoln believed that the south was trying to expand slavery into the north and this was unacceptable. Before his presidency, Abraham Lincoln had given a speech in a local college of Manhattan and impressed several people. East coast was full of radicals who did not believe in slavery. Several people were denied of their rights during that time. Abraham Lincoln later became the President and could effectively conclude and abolish slavery.

Also, during the Civil War, America was fighting the Indians over their annuities. The Native Indians were getting impatient and saw the white Americans as potential danger. They killed several White Americans in the bargain. This continued the never ending strife of the Civil War. On the other hand, some of the most important people who fought during the Civil War like Sherman, Mason, and several other Generals were torn apart between fighting the South and the Native Indians.

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Why Did The Civil War Happen ?




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