Why Did The North Win The Civil War ?  

The North won the Civil War because they were on the right side of human ethical issues. Most of the Southern States were hard core believers in slavery and they did not want to give up their privileges of having servants. Moreover, there were several other reasons why North won the Civil War.

The North clearly had more men to fight for them and there were more people who wanted to put an end to slavery including the slaves themselves. The North managed to enroll many people for the war.

Stonewall Jackson who was leading the war and great source of inspiration in the South dies. This could have been a major blow to the morale of the Southerners.

The North gained more confidence with the victory at Gettysburg which almost called the final shots.

After Vicksburg fell, the Mississippi River regions were captured.

All the Southern ports of the United States were blocked by the Union and people were force to move inland.

England and France washed their hands clean and they refused to get involved.

North were also in control of newer weapons needed for the war.

General Sherman, who till date is remembered by people in Georgia because he literally burnt down the city, captured several other cities like Richmond, Atlanta, Mobile, and New Orleans.

Other reasons were North had more military equipment and also a lot of resources compared to the South. The South lacked the diplomacy of the England and execution power when it came to politics.

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Why Did The North Win The Civil War ?




American-Civil-War-Timeline      The American Civil War lasted for four years, from 1861-1865. It began after Abraham Lincoln was elected the President of the United States.  It was a known fact that Abraham Lincoln opposed slavery and since the Southern states indulged in slavery, they feared that Lincoln may not treat them fairly and gradually one by one they started seceding from the United States. More..




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Why Did The North Win The Civil War ? )
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