John Appleton In Colonial America  

John Appleton was a popular lawyer who played a big role in the American Revolutionary War and he came from a family of famous people. John Appleton was born on February 11, 1815 in Beverly City of Massachusetts. He was born to Isaac Appleton and Elizabeth Sawyer.

John Appleton had a close ally in the political world in the form of of his second cousin William Appleton, commonly known as Bill in those days and they both served together in the 32nd Congress.

Even though he was born in Massachusetts, John Appleton was brought up in Maine in Cumberland. He took up to law and studied it at the Cambridge Law School. He then had a long history of serving the legal field and held several important and prestigious positions. He set up his own practice in Portland, Maine. His wife's name was Susan and they a son named Eben Dodge Appleton.

In 1845, he was appointed the Chief of Clerk in the US Navy Department and then served the United States State Department in the same position. He also was the foreign ambassador of United States to Bolivia. Later, he was also sent to Russia as the Foreign Ambassador in 1861.

He was regarded for making several reforms legally to the United States law and also adapting law policies that were successful in several other countries. Appleton served the Government until he was 49. Appleton died at a young age of 49 years on August 22 of 1864. He was buried in Portland, Maine.

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John Appleton In Colonial America




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