Great Depression Lifestyle For Children  

The Great Depression made the entire nation suffer during 1929 to 1933. It resulted in huge employment rates and hence resulted in poverty. Big trading centers, banks and industries were shut down and self-sufficient people were out of jobs.

Food was not available easily and hence, children had to adopt living on powdered milk, potatoes and also dried beans. Starvation was at its peak as people started eating weeds. People fought over garbage hoping to find some food to feed on. Life was a daily struggle for especially during the peak of unemployment season. There were reports that people had to live on food scraps to feed their children. 

Rural America was the worst victim. At a very young age, the children had a big responsibility for supporting their families. They were hired for low wages in mines, farms, canneries and factories. Most of them had to leave school in order to earn bread.  
People bartered in order to save on some dollars. Most of them lost heating in the home as they could not pay their rent or electricity bill. Hence, some children had to live in extreme cold, without water, milk or gas. 

Children who lost their abode tried to protect themselves under tarpaper huts. Sweets and fruits were a dream for many. Many of them started becoming nomads just surviving in railway stations and highways. 

The Great Depression era also caused a lot of children to have poor health due to malnutrition. The psychological and emotional impact was too high.

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Great Depression Lifestyle For Children




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