How Did The Great Depression Affect Farming ?  

The Great Depression changed the lives of people. From 1920 farmers struggled to survive and 1929 became worst for city workers. Stock markets crashed and many businesses were closed.  Some young men who were not able to pay the rent, left home in search of job.

World War I saw farmers produce more to meet their expenses. But, prices fell so low in early 1930s, that they went bankrupt. Le Mars, Iowa, group of angry farmers burst into a courtroom, pulled the judge out, and pressurized him not to take any cases that would cost a farmer his farm.  

In other areas they organized “The Farm Strike” to prevent milk products being sent out but this did not have any effect on prices since all did not joint the movement. The Federal government passed a bill to help the farmers. They passed the Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA) of 1933 that set limit on production of crop and herds. Those agreed to this were paid subsidy.  

In Dubuque, 2,200 workers lost their jobs between 1927 and 1934; only 13 new businesses opened employing 300 workers. Though people thought welfare as disgrace, some signed up for welfare payments to save their families.  

The Works Progress Administration hired many men to work on parks, roads, bridges, swimming pools, public buildings etc. Civilian Conservation hired teen age boys; they lived in barracks, they were given clothing and were provided free meals. Whatever they earned was sent to help their families. During the World War II, the government started hiring men to serve in the army. Factories began receiving orders from military.

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How Did The Great Depression Affect Farming ?




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How Did The Great Depression Affect Farming ? )
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