How Long Did The Great Depression Last ?  

The United States is the one country that bore the brunt of the Great Depression longer than expected. The depression in the US lasted for one more year than that of Canada. It lasted for eleven full years; whereas Canada was quicker to come out of the depression.

The Great Depression lasted approximately for eleven long and painful years. But these eleven years could be long enough than anyone’s imagination when one has to live through that period. The Great Depression as it is called lasted from the year 1930 to 1941.  

But the duration and the length of time that the great depression lasted are not of much importance, though. The time line of this depression would depend on the different characters of any particular nation. In 1920s the situation was so worse that it looked never ending. The worst thing happened in October of 1929 when the market crashed and brought with it the worst ever nightmare that was named the Great Depression.

The effect was seen with problems erupting all over the job market, banks, stock markets and also the corporations that were involved in international level. Economic depression of and in a country is something that not only affects that particular country, but the effect is seen globally too.  

The United States of America strived hard to fight back to come out of this famous Great Depression period and it may be true to say that it was not an easy task to go through the Great Depression.

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How Long Did The Great Depression Last ?




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