Life During The Great Depression  

Life was much worse than a nightmare during the Great Depression. It was so devastating that people were not only affected physically but also psychologically who held themselves responsible for the state they were in. The impact was substantial; although varied.

Life was full of starvation and a miserable situation everywhere taking lives somewhere and leaving others to the extent of searching garbage dumps for leftovers and even ready to eat weeds. Life became miserable with people losing their jobs who were once blowing their trumpet. These were the same people who had an attitude in 1920s and who lived in prosperity. The unemployment blow was too much for them. They were made to face this psychological impact blaming them and doubting their efficiency. This was the epidemic during the Great Depression.  

The once self-sufficient people found it humiliating to ask for any help, although it no more remained a personal but a social problem. If the crisis saw adult unemployment, there were teenagers who found jobs and took on the responsibilities at their very young age. The situation was in reverse with the teenagers comforting their parents and elders at home who were desperate. Such was the effect of the Great Depression on the lives of children that were radically different from that of the elders.

The minorities had to bear the impact more than the whites. It has been estimated that almost half the black workers were without jobs during 1932. Rather, it will not be wrong to say that they were forced out of their jobs to make way for the unemployed whites.

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Life During The Great Depression




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Life During The Great Depression )
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