Military During The Great Depression  

A worldwide phenomenon that it was, the Great Depression made the overseas population desperate. The countries that followed democracy and liberal capitalism were the most affected ones. Hitler's rule in Germany saw the rise of military in Japan to the top most regimes.

These two countries tightened their grip on other countries as well, to which Americans did not pay attention, as they were preoccupied with themselves thereby ignoring the storm that was approaching fast.

Effective educational programs were held that educated mobilization and the war plan as well that was credit worthy. An intellectual framework was laid down as a pre plan to face the world war much in advance. Yet, it was far behind the practical expectation and the preparedness. The consequences were significantly witnessed.

There was a visible mismatch growing up within the military capabilities that were continually growing and the war fighting capability that seem to be diminishing non stop. It was in 1932 the Army Chief commanded his federal troops to evict the veterans if Bonus Army of World War I from the District of Columbia. They and their family was tear gassed and chased down that came as a shock to the public. The newly elected President in 1933 could do nothing much to improvise the situation.  

The Army was more capable and expert to organize or transport or mobilize. Hence The Civilian Conservation Corps put maximum number of young people on outdoor projects that they were skilled at. They had the necessary expertise to employ the unskilled laborers. This move was like a rehearsal, worthwhile before the onset of World War.

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Military During The Great Depression




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