Swing Music And The Great Depression  

Jazz was the one music that came close to be the most popular music in America during the Great Depression. The difference was in its name. It was named Swing because of its swinging revolutionary impact. Swing was mainly responsible in rescuing the recording industry.

The music world that saw 10 million records sold in the United States in 1932 got to see the growth to 50 million by 1939. Swing that grew up in the dancehalls of Harlem ultimately became the defining music for the entire America. 

The entertainment world of Hollywood benefited with Swing as its theme music. It helped people distract and come out of their gloomy situation. The Big Apple and Little Peach, the Shag and Susy Q were being played on radios and jukeboxes along the main street in America. Lindy Hop is now called jitterbugging although it is the one that started. There were number of bands playing on the road with young people following them as they would have followed their favorite players. 

It was during the Great Depression that people had pent up emotions and were physically not ready for any music. And then came Swing music that had an electrifying effect on people. Swing music swept the country and that to when it was not any easy situation people were undergoing. It unleashed the pent up feelings and excitement that actually no one was ready for. Here was a music that was just for pleasure and meant to be particularly for people who were under tremendous pressure of the Great Depression.

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Swing Music And The Great Depression




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