Abraham Lincoln Accomplishments In Life  

Abraham Lincoln played an important role in the American History during the Civil war. His heroic efforts helped preserve the Union. The famous Proclamation of Emancipation which was responsible for ending slavery in the southern states was his idea too. Today, Americans and people all over the world fondly remember Abraham Lincoln for his great work and his inspiring speeches. He is quoted by world leaders, who want to usher change in the world for the betterment of the human race.

Abraham Lincoln has several accomplishments in his name. One of his greatest accomplishments was the implementation of the Proclamation of Emancipation, which brought an end to the cruel practice of slavery in the country. Though it did not become effective immediately after he conceived it, the Proclamation helped the process to a great extent. Unfortunately, Lincoln was assassinated before the 13th enactment could become effective.  

President Lincoln passed the Homestead Act, which allowed the poorer people in the east to get land in the western part of the country. The Morrill Act was passed to ensure that every state had an agricultural and mechanical college. The National Banking Act helped all the banks to be nationalized and get connected through networks in the United States. When Lincoln took office the country was in a chaotic state in the Civil War. His excellent foreign policy made sure that America did not come under attack from any foreign countries because of the unrest in the country due to the Civil War.  

Among the many famous speeches, the Gettysburg speech is considered his best. It had a significant impact on his political career and the people of the country. It also initiated the end of slavery and made a significant change in the thought process in every American’s heart. Today, many believe among all the presidents that governed the United States, Abraham Lincoln was the wisest among all. He is the role model for every president that gets elected to the Oval Office.

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Abraham Lincoln Accomplishments In Life




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