Abraham Lincoln And His Compassion  

Many people know Abraham Lincoln as a gifted speaker, a great president and a very good human being. However, very few know that Lincoln was a great animal lover too. He had a lot of compassion towards animals, and believed that it is a noble deed to protect and give loving homes to animals.

While Lincoln was in office, his wife, Mary Todd, was asked by a reporter if her husband had any hobbies. She promptly replied that the President was very fond of cats. Another incident which made Lincoln respected and loved by animal lovers was when Lincoln stumbled upon three kittens that were homeless and orphaned during the Civil War. He found them in a telegraph hut, and started asking the locals about their mother but when he was told that the mother cat had died he took it upon himself to find the kittens a good home.

Lincoln also had great affection for dogs. Like, almost all Presidents in the White House, Lincoln too had a pooch called Fido. During the presidential elections Lincoln was so worried that all the noise and chaos would make his dog uncomfortable, he decided to assign two boys to take care of it.

Lincoln had given specific instructions to his dog-sitters how to make Fido happy and comfortable. They were asked to let Fido in when he scratched the door, feed him when he came to the table, and never scold him even if he got himself dirty. The Lincolns love for animals did not stop at cats and dogs; he even owned goats and rabbits. Later on he got a turkey named Jack. The turkey was meant for the Thanksgiving dinner in the White House. On learning the turkey’s fate, Lincoln interrupted a cabinet meeting to save its life. Abraham Lincoln had great love for animals and had a special place for them in his heart.

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Abraham Lincoln And His Compassion




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