How Many Presidents Were Before Abraham Lincoln ?  

Abraham Lincoln was the sixteenth President of the United States. So technically speaking, there were sixteen presidents who preceded him to the White House. However, Abraham Lincoln is considered to be one of the most prominent presidents in the history of United States because of his excellent policies and leadership during the Civil War.

His term came at a time, which was one of the most difficult in the country, but he did not let his country down. He is believed to be the wisest and most efficient president in the history of the country.

Lincoln was born on February 16, 1809 in a log cabin. In February 1860, Lincoln made his first public speech by addressing Cooper Union in New York. He gained immediate recognition, and joined the Congress as he was the most potential candidate for leadership. Lincoln was very well read and an excellent orator which made his speeches very inspirational.

Lincoln was elected as president in March 1861. On April 12, 1861 the Civil War began when South Carolina opened fire. Lincoln very efficiently led the country to a better period by giving excellent orders to the military commanders. Ulysses S. Grant was a great general, and Lincoln always fell back on him for advice and decisions to be made during the Civil War.

It has been said that Abraham Lincoln died with a note for General Sherman in the pocket which contained the orders for the march to the sea. He also gave up complete military command to General Ulysses in 1864. Throughout the entire period of the Civil War, Lincoln tried to keep the Republican Party together. The war required a lot of people to be assigned to different positions for which he needed several people from both the parties. The military appointments were divided among the Republicans and the Democrats.

List of President    
- Abraham Lincoln -Andrew Jackson -Andrew Johnson
- Barack Obama - Bill Clinton - Calvin Coolidge
- Chester A Arthur - Dwight Eisenhower - Franklin Pierce
- Franklin Roosevelt - George H W Bush - George W Bush
- George Washington - Gerald Ford - Grover Cleveland
- Harry Truman - Herbert Hoover - James Buchanan
- James Garfield - James K Polk - James Madison
- James Monroe - Jimmy Carter - John Adams
- John Kennedy - JohnQuincy Adams - John Tyler
- Lyndon Johnson - Martin Van Buren - Millard Fillmore
- Richard Nixon - Ronald Reagan - Rutherford B Hayes
- Theodore Roosevelt - Thomas Jefferson - Ulysses S Grant
- Warren Harding - William Henry Harrison - William Howard Taft
- William Mckinley - Woodrow Wilson - Zachary Taylor

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How Many Presidents Were Before Abraham Lincoln




Weird-Facts-About-Abraham-Lincoln      Abraham Lincoln was the sixteenth president of the United States. He rose to power in a short period, and was responsible for issuing the Proclamation of Emancipation. This was mainly responsible for ending the slavery in the southern states. More..




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