Weird Facts About Abraham Lincoln  

Abraham Lincoln was the sixteenth president of the United States. He rose to power in a short period, and was responsible for issuing the Proclamation of Emancipation. This was mainly responsible for ending the slavery in the southern states.

There are many not-so-known facts about Abraham Lincoln that most people are unaware of. He was one of the most dynamic and interesting personalities to have ever governed the United States of America.

Lincoln was the tallest American President with a height of six feet and four inches. The average height of an American in that century was around five feet and six inches, or slightly more. When Abraham Lincoln sat on a chair he was about the same height of a man who stood next to him!

Abraham Lincoln was the first President to have a beard. All the sixteen presidents, who preceded him, did not have a beard. After him, only four other presidents have had beard but most of them were clean shaven.

Abraham Lincoln came from a very humble background which was the main reason his wife, Mary Todd’s family never approved him. Abraham Lincoln hated visits to the dentists this was because one of the dentists actually broke his jaw while trying to pull out his teeth.

Lincoln‘s mother died at a young age, and his stepmother took very good care of him and even educated him. Lincoln thought himself as a Christian, but did not belong to any one particular church. He never followed any standard rules of Christianity, including saying Grace.

Lincoln suffered frequently from depression and headaches. Sometimes, he would just spend days in the bed.

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Weird Facts About Abraham Lincoln




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