What Town Was Abraham Lincoln Assassinated In ?  

Abraham Lincoln is one of the most loved and remembered presidents of the United States. He ruled the country during the Civil war and he very successfully led the country to a peaceful time. Several reforms made by him during the Civil War had brought about long lasting effects.

The assassination of Abraham Lincoln was one of the most sensational events in the history of United States of America. It happened on the Good Friday, April 14, 1865. President Abraham Lincoln was attending a performance called Our American Cousin, in the Ford's Theater in Washington DC. He was shot when he was walking out of the theater along with his wife and two other guests.  

His assassin, John Wilkes Booth, killed him because he believed that Lincoln’s policies made life worse in the Southern states. Booth thought that he could overthrow the existing government by assassinating Lincoln. Even though he succeeded in killing Lincoln, his plot of overthrowing the government did not succeed.

The assassination of Abraham Lincoln marked an end to the Civil War in the country. There were also simultaneous plots to assassinate Vice President Andrew Johnson and Secretary of the State William H. Seward. Booth took the help of Lewis Powell and George Atzerodt for the specific murders. If these assassinations succeeded, then there would have been a re-election as the most prominent leaders would be dead. In the end, Lincoln died, but Seward and Johnson survived. The assassins attacked, but could not kill Steward, and the attacker fled Washington D.C before striking Johnson. Nobody expected Lincoln to get killed, and the plan of the assassins actually back fired.

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- Harry Truman - Herbert Hoover - James Buchanan
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- Richard Nixon - Ronald Reagan - Rutherford B Hayes
- Theodore Roosevelt - Thomas Jefferson - Ulysses S Grant
- Warren Harding - William Henry Harrison - William Howard Taft
- William Mckinley - Woodrow Wilson - Zachary Taylor

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What Town Was Abraham Lincoln Assassinated In




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