When Did Abraham Lincoln Become President ?  

Abraham Lincoln was the sixteenth president of the United States, and he was the only president to have led the country during the Civil War. The interesting fact about the Civil War is that it started with Lincoln assuming office, and ended with his assassination.

So, he was the only president to have taken on such a big challenge in American history. Today, many historians believe that he was one of the greatest presidents in the United States.

Lincoln became the President in the United States in March 1861. His first political career began when he gave a speech at the Cooper Union in New York. During the speech he made a remarkable effect and was immediately accepted into the Republican Party.

During the Republican National Congress in Chicago, William H. Seward, who was the leading candidate, was fast losing popularity among the masses. Owing to Steward’s unpopularity, Lincoln easily won the favorable position to become the presidential candidate. He was the top choice of the party and won the elections by defeating the Democrat candidate John C. Breckinridge.

Lincoln got elected into the Oval Office, and formally assumed office at the inaugural ceremony in March 1861. The Civil War was on the verge of breaking out in the seven states in the south. Lincoln, however, decided to send provisions to Fort Sumter, which was the first target of attack. This decision was not approved and favored by most of his party members, but it showed that Lincoln was a practical, had great foresight, and could do what the situation deserved most. This character trait made Lincoln extremely popular among people.

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When Did Abraham Lincoln Become President




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