Facts About Barack Obama  

President Obama’s full name is Barack Hussein Obama. Barack means a blessing in Swahili, and Hussein means beautiful. He follows the religious practices of Christianity, though his biological and stepfathers both were Muslim. He was teased by his classmates in school for being chubby, and also having the initials B.O.

Obama is a distant relative of former Vice President Dick Cheney. Though the White House has a no smoking policy, he is known to still smoke in the premises. He has tried several times to quit it, but with no success.

A ticket for the President Elect 2009 inauguration was sold for as much as forty thousand dollars online!

Obama has several relatives on his paternal side. His paternal great grandfather had several wives and children. His grandfather was the terror in the family, and his father was nicknamed the Old Man. Obama’s father was born in Kenya, and was a Muslim. However, Obama was brought up following the Christian faith by his maternal grandparents.

Obama’s father got accepted into the University of Hawaii under the student exchange program, and met his mother and married her during that time. When he came to Hawaii, he had left his pregnant first wife behind. Obama also has two stepbrothers in his paternal side. Obama also has a stepsister from the mother’s side and she was born in Indonesia.

Some of Barack’s maternal ancestors owned slaves. Obama’s father left him when he was only two years old. Obama moved to Indonesia when he was six years old, and lived there until he was ten.

Obama is the first African American president of the United States.

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- Richard Nixon - Ronald Reagan - Rutherford B Hayes
- Theodore Roosevelt - Thomas Jefferson - Ulysses S Grant
- Warren Harding - William Henry Harrison - William Howard Taft
- William Mckinley - Woodrow Wilson - Zachary Taylor

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Facts About Barack Obama




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