What Religion Is Barack Obama ?  

President Obama’s full name is Barack Hussein Obama. Several people are confused, and question about Obama’s faith and religion owing to his middle name, Hussein. It is his middle name that causes most of the confusion in the minds of common man.

The fact is that Barack Obama Sr, the President’s father, was a Muslim born in Kenya. Later on he became an atheist. Barack was brought up under the Christian faith by his grandparents. His grandparents were Methodists.  

The important thing to consider is how Barack Obama views his religion, and does he let his religious views shape his policies. But one wonders did this ever matter with the former Presidents of America. On paper, Barack Obama religion was Islam as he was born to a Muslim father, and his stepfather was an Indonesian Muslim too.

However, he mostly studied in Catholic schools. Barack Obama started attending church only in his adulthood in Chicago. From 1989 to 2009, he has been very consistent in being involved with his church. He was an active member of the Trinity United Church of Christ. However, history has it that none of the Presidents of the United States made their official decisions based on their religious beliefs. They always had a situation based approach.

Before establishing opinions about Obama, one should consider what his presidential policies are rather than focusing on his religion affiliations. Obama believes in Christianity, and there is no doubt about his religious beliefs. He also fosters the same religious values in his children. Unfortunately, his opponents have tried to defame him based on religion, and have targeted him on several interviews on television and the paper.

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What Religion Is Barack Obama




Who-Are-Barak-Obama-S-Parents      Barack Hussein Obama was born on August 4, 1961 to Stanley Ann Durham and Barack Obama Sr. His father, Barack Obama Sr., was born in Kenya, and was a Muslim by faith. Stanley Ann Durham was a conservative Christian born to white Americans. Barack Obama Sr. was born in the Luo tribe of Kenya in a Nyanza Province. His forefathers and family were goat herders and worked as domestic servants to the British. More..




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