Harry Truman And The Manhattan Project  

Harry Truman was the vice president of President Franklin Roosevelt, and assumed the presidential position after the latter died from his illness. Since he was only the vice president for several days, he was not aware of several issues that have been talked about during the presidency of Roosevelt. An example of this issue is the Manhattan Project.

The Manhattan Project was a very top secret project about the atomic bomb to be tested in Japan. With this, he was briefed immediately about the project especially on the budget on this project which costs around $20 billion, which was very expensive at that time. At the same time, President Roosevelt was also warned with the dangers of launching the atomic bomb. However, despite of the petitions made by Leo Szilard to stop the atomic bomb launch, President Truman still allowed this project to continue.

On the launching of the atomic bomb named Little Boy, the first casualty of this bomb was Hiroshima in Japan. This place had been popular with the number of people who had died because of the nuclear radiation and the massive explosion itself. The second bomb was dropped in Nagasaki, which have also resulted to a disheartening number of casualties during that time. Having experienced a number of deaths and the place had been turned into ashes; Japan then surrendered to the Americans.

Many have argued that ending the war should have not reached this level. However, President Truman had stated that he had never regret this step and will be willing to do it again.

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Harry Truman And The Manhattan Project




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