Herbert Hoover Adulthood  

Herbert Hoover Adulthood

Herbert Hoover was born in Iowa and was raised as a Quaker. He stayed in Oregon since he was 10, but is father passed away when he was 6. After three years, it was his mother who died, and his other siblings were given to their other relatives.

As a young person, he went to a local school and never got the chance to graduate from high school. In college though, he graduated with a degree in geology at Stanford University.More...


Herbert Hoover And The New Freedom

Herbert Hoover And The New Freedom

The New Freedom is a policy set by the 28th president of the United States, Woodrow Wilson. It promoted tariff revisions, reforms in currency and banking, and antitrust modifications. This somehow opposed New Nationalism, which was the idea of former President Roosevelt, especially in terms of the antitrust modification.

Wilson believed that if America would not have the opportunity to gain free enterprise, then the nation has no right to luxuriate in any other kind of freedom whatsoever. More...


Where And When Was Herbert Hoover Born ?

Where And When Was Herbert Hoover Born

Herbert Hoover, the 31st president of the United States, was born in Iowa on August 10, 1874. Although he just grew up as a simple son of a blacksmith, he brought incomparable credibility to the president’s office by being a good public servant as an administrator, humanitarian and an engineer.

His father was a persevering blacksmith while his mother was a very pious woman. With a wonderful nature in the background, he spent an idyllic childhood until he reached the age of 6 when his father died of a heart disease and his mother of pneumonia after three years.More...

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