How Many Years Was James K Polk In Office ?  

James K. Polk, the 11th American President, spent the four years of his office following the goals he had created for his term. He had set four goals that he intended to accomplish within one presidential term, which is equivalent to four years of presidency. His term in office put all these in action. Tariff reduction, to create an independent treasure, to fix the Oregon boundary, and annex Texas were the achievements he gained.

50,000 square miles of new boundary were attained making it essential to produce a federal Department of Interior. He was serious about his plan of expansion. The mix of threats and diplomacy were some of the methods he used to be successful. This is his tool to arrive at an agreement with England, which marked the 49th parallel as the northern land of Oregon. The acquisition of land turned out to be full of bloodshed, most especially the pursuit to get Texas. 

Although Texans presented documents to support the fact that it belonged to the north, Polk proved otherwise. He insisted that their border was Rio Grande and not Nueces River. This implied that half of present day Colorado and New Mexico was under the United States. The people found this disagreeable, and this started the war. Mexico was poorly armed in this war leading to their loss. More problems soon arose in the term of James K. Polk. Issues on slavery came and this led to another war, which was between the union and the slave-owning south.

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How Many Years Was James K Polk In Office




Major-Accomplishments-Of-James-Polk      Unparalleled -- that is how James Polk can be described in terms of the accomplishments he had attained. His determination resulted to the success of every goal that he had set for his stay as president. In a single term, he gained all the endeavors that he took part in and wished to complete. More..




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