The Biography Of James Monroe And The Era Of Good Feelings  

The years 1817–1825 are referred to as the Era of Good Feelings under the presidency of James Monroe. Monroe carried out his presidential duties admirably by being practical and unbiased.

First let us take a look at his policies. He made good cabinet choices. For example, he appointed John C. Calhoun, a Southerner as Secretary of war and having John Quincy Adams, a Northerner as Secretary of State. The lower posts had assorted political appointees. He made a good move on his first presidential year by going for two national tours to build good will. 

He was responsible for the First Seminole War which ended up with the United Stated gaining control over East Florida. He also put a stop to slaves running away to Spanish Florida for refuge. He also gained more land from the Choctaws through the Doak's Stand treaty and the Treaty of Washington City. The first treaty was achieved through his representative Andrew Jackson blackmailing and threatening the Choctaw chiefs. The second treaty was established when the Choctaw chiefs approached the government of James Monroe and asking for compensation of lost land or eviction of settlers in their land. 

He admitted the following states to the Union - Mississippi, Illinois, Alabama, Maine and Missouri. 

Munroe was very popular and even in the face of difficult nationalist policies, he still retained his popularity. He is most famous for his Monroe Doctrine where he is stated that the nation should be free from European interference and from potential European colonization.

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The Biography Of James Monroe And The Era Of Good Feelings




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