Jimmy Carter Life Before The Presidency  

James Earl Carter’s family lived in America for several generations. They came to America from England in the 1630s, and witnessed many of America’s biggest struggles. They lived in Georgia all their lives, and Jimmy Carter’s parents, Earl and Lillian Carter, owned a peanut farm, a warehouse, and also a store outside the town. They lived in Plains, Georgia.

His father was very good business man and his mother was a trained nurse who gave up her career to bring up her children. Jimmy’s mother was a well read woman, and Carter inherited this quality from her.

The family was prosperous until Jimmy was born in 1924. He was the first American President to be born in a hospital. At that time the family was going through financial instability, and so was rest of America. He was taken from the hospital to a house without electricity, plumbing and other amenities. When he was ten years old, he started helping out his father in farming. He hauled the wagon, and sold the farm produce and saved a lot of his money.

By the time when he was thirteen ears old, he bought five houses in Plains, Georgia. Due to the Great Depression houses were being sold for really cheap. He made his parents very proud through his early prosperity. Jimmy was a very obedient child and was very mature from a young age.

He loved reading and his mother always encouraged him too. He went to the public school in Plains and later attended Georgia Tech. He later joined the United States Naval Academy.

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Jimmy Carter Life Before The Presidency




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