Criminal Convictions Of Ronald Reagan Presidency  

During Ronald Reagan's presidency, there were many scandals which result in a fair number of administrative staff being criminally convicted. Of course, the most famous scandal during Ronald Reagan's presidency was Iran-Contra affair. In this, weapons where sold to Iran, who was waging war with Iraq, to free some American hostages, and some of profits from this sale were then given to Nicaraguan Contras which not only a violation of US laws but also international laws.

In the Iran-Contra affair, many administrative staff were convicted for crimes ranging from lying to trying to defraud the nation. Some people convicted were National Security Advisor Robert C. McFarlane, Chief of the Central Intelligence Agency's Central American Task Force Alan D. Fiers, Chief of Central Intelligence Agency's Division of Covert Operations Calir George, Richard R. Miller, National Security Advisor John Poindexter and Oliver North.

The other controversy involved Samuel Pierce, the secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and his associates. Wealthy contributors who contributed to the Reagan administration campaign were given funding for low income housing development without conducting any background checks, which are mandatory. In addition, lobbyists like former Secretary of the Interior James G. Watt, were given massive lobbying fees for helping the contributors get the government funding. In this, 16 people were convicted including many staff from the Reagan administration. Some of people convicted were James Watt, Reagan's Secretary of Interior; Philip Winn, Assistant HUD Secretary; Thomas Demery, Assistant HUD Secretary; Deborah Gore Dean, Executive Assistant to Samuel Pierce; Catalina Villaponda, Former US Treasurer, HUD; and Joseph A. Strauss for accepting kickbacks.

The other scandal that rocked the Reagan administration involved the Environmental Protection Agency where funds from the Superfund to clean toxic waste from different sites were given to local politicians' election campaign. These politicians were those who sided and supported with Reagan administration.

In addition, there was the lobbying scandal where Reagan's Chief of Staff Michael Deaver was convicted of lying about his lobbying activities not just to the Congressional Committee but also to the Grand Jury. Also, convicted was Lyn Nofziger, a White House Press Secretary, who was convicted for illegal lobbying after leaving the government.

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Criminal Convictions Of Ronald Reagan Presidency




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