American Revolutionary War Timeline  

The Revolutionary War is also referred to as the American War of Independence. This war initially commenced between Great Britain and the thirteen united former British colonies on the North American continent.

However, it culminated into a global war between several European great powers. The war lasted from 1775 to 1783, resulting in the freedom of the 13 colonies that unified to form an independent nation.

American Revolutionary War Timeline:
19 April 1775: The first shots marking the onset of the revolution were fired at Lexington.
17 June 1775: George Washington took over the command of the Continental Army in the Battle of Bunker Hill.
10-21 November 1775: Patriots siege by Tories, ending in truce.
11 December 1775: Virginia and North Carolina patriots routed Loyalist troops and burned Norfolk.
22 December 1775: Colonel Thomson with 1500 rangers and militia captured a force of Loyalists.
23-30 December 1775: Snow Campaign in SC, which was given the name because patriots were impeded by 15" of snow.
1 January 1776: Daniel Morgan was taken in as prisoner in attempt to take Quebec City.
17 March 1776: The British evacuated Boston and British Navy moved to Halifax, Canada.
12 June 1176: The Virginia Declaration of Rights.
28 June 1776: Patriots decisively defeated the British Navy at Fort Moultrie, South Carolina.
29 June 1776: The First Virginia Constitution.
8 July 1776: The Declaration of Independence was read publicly.
2 August 1776: Delegates began to sign The Declaration of Independence.
27 August 1776: Redcoats defeated George Washington's army in the Battle of Long Island. Washington's army escaped at night.
16 September 1776: Generals George Washington, Nathanael Greene and Israel Putnam triumphantly held their ground at the Battle of Harlem Heights.
11 October 1776: Benedict Arnold defeated at the Battle of Valcour Island (Lake Champlain). However, he delayed British advance.
28 October 1776: The Americans retreat from White Plains, New York. British casualties (~300) were higher than those of America (~200).
26 December 1776: Washington crossed the Delaware and captured Trenton from Hessians 
3 January 1777: Washington defeated British brigade.
16 August 1777: British General John Burgoyne detached Hessians, British regulars, Loyalists and Iroquois against Bennington. American militia attacked and defeated the British.
19 September - 17 October 1777: General John Burgoyne surrendered his British Army to American Maj. Gen. Horatio Gates.
6 February 1778: France signed a treaty with the Continental Congress which would provide troops, ships and supplies to America.
18 June 1778: British abandoned Philadelphia and moved to New York.
3 February 1779: Maj. Gen. Moultrie defeated British detachment at Port Royal Island, SC
3 March 1779: British Lt. Col. Jacques Marcus Prevost defeated Americans under Gen. John Ashe at Brier Creek, GA
21 June 1779: Spain declared war on Great Britain.
15-16 July 1779: American ‘Mad’ Anthony Wayne captured Stony Point, NY
12 May 1780: British captured Charleston, SC.
11 July 1780: French troops arrived at Newport, RI, to aid the American cause.
7 October 1780: King's Mountain, SC battle lasted 65 minutes. American troops led by Isaac Shelby and John Sevier defeated Maj. Patrick Ferguson and one-third of General Cornwallis's army.
1 January 1781: Mutiny of unpaid Pennsylvania soldiers
1 February 1781: The Battle of Cowan's Ford, Huntersville, NC.
2 March 1781: The Articles of Confederation adopted.
6 June 1781: Americans recaptured Augusta, GA
15 September 1781: French fleet drove British naval force from Chesapeake Bay.
19 October 1781: Cornwallis surrounded on land and sea by Americans and French and surrendered at Yorktown, VA
20 March 1782: Lord North resigned as British prime minister.
11 July 1782: British evacuated Savannah, GA
30 November 1782: British and Americans signed preliminary Articles of Peace.
19 April 1783: Congress ratified the preliminary peace treaty.
3 September 1783: The United States and Great Britain signed the Treaty of Paris
25 November 1783: The British forces evacuated New York and Brooklyn, the last British troop left the colonies.

23 December 1783: Washington resigned as Commander.

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American Revolutionary War Timeline




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