Major Battles Of The Revolutionary War  

There were many battles that were fought during the Revolutionary War which set some of the major mile stones in the American history.  Some of them, which left a deep impact on the American society, are listed below.

Major Battles of the Revolutionary War:
The Battle of Brandywine and German Town: These are two major battles that were fought on the grounds of Pennsylvania. Sir William Howe managed to win the battle in spite of close watch from Washington. A French alley called Marquis de Lafayette aided Howe and helped him in the battle to a great extent.

Everyone is heard of the Battle of the Bunker Hill and it is perhaps the most popular. It was fought in Charlestown in 1775 of June 17.  It is said that the soldiers were sleeping in their bunkers when the attack came in and they were caught unawares. The American Troops that attacked the British were already positioned at Bunker Hill and they did not know about it. The British were forced out of Charleston at the end of the war.

The Battle of Lexington and Concord: The British and the Americans directly confronted each other in Massachusetts. The British attacked with the main aim of destroying the American Army’s arms and ammunition. The people who led the American confederation had o be arrested and it ended up in a big war which made history.

The Battle of Princeton: This battle occurred immediately after Battle of Trenton and the main aim was to retake Trenton and beat Washington. AT the end of this war several people from Washington were taken as prisoners and some ran towards Princeton University.

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Major Battles Of The Revolutionary War




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