Revolutionary War Weapons  

Several weapons were used by both the Americans and British during the Revolutionary War. Some weapons were available easily and others were not. The Revolutionary War weapons had a prominent place in history because they helped Colonial American gain independence from Great Britain.

Among the Revolutionary War weapons the musket was the most used and commonly found. It is a long gun which looks like a rifle, and has a long barrel. This gun used to help target people who were far away and also aim accurately. The gun was light weighted and was easy for soldiers to carry. The pistol was also common during this time and it was very easy to handle because one can easily put into their pocket. However he pistol could be used with target that were close enough and it was not good for targets that were far away.

The other big sized weapons to be used were cannon. Cannon could kill a whole troop if it landed at the right place. However, these were used in major wars and to destruct buildings mainly. The enemy locations were destructed more than people being aimed directly. The cannon balls which were the main ammunition were made of lead and it was extremely difficult to load them. It needed the effort of two people to load cannon and also it had to be dealt with carte. Another common war weapon that was used during these times was the saber or the long sword. This was used more like a tool actually rather than a weapon of assault.

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Revolutionary War Weapons




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