What Was The First Battle Of The Revolutionary War ?  

The first battles to be fought in the Revolutionary War were Battle of Lexington and Concord. They were fought in 1775 on April 19. The battle took place in Massachusetts Bay and Middlesex County. The towns that were affected due to the battle at that time were Lexington, Concord, Lincoln, Menotomy (present-day Arlington) and Cambridge.

This was also the first armed battle and weapons were used for killing British soldiers.  The colonials were attacked in a stealth plan where the British Army has been hatching for several months to attack them and empty their barracks. However, through some intelligence report, the colonials were warned of the incident to happen and so the war began. By the time the Red Coats arrived, the Colonials were already well prepared for the counter attack.

The battle started in the wee hours of morning and several hundreds of colonial militia fought the Kings army and defeated them. One common thing noticed throughout the Revolutionary War was that the British were defeated several times in several battles. It is when finally the colonials started taking over state after state did they realize that they did not ever stand a chance to rule America. The armies that raged against the colonials receded back to Boston to eventually leave to Charlestown. The army of the Colonials had many capable people like Ralph Waldo Emerson and Hugh Earl. There was also a hymn composed later by Emerson, called the Concord Hymn.

The Battle of Lexington memorial is present in Massachusetts even today for all the people interested in knowing about the first battle of the Revolutionary War.

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What Was The First Battle Of The Revolutionary War ?




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