When Did The Revolutionary War End ?  

The Revolutionary War finally ended only when the treaty of peace was signed by the British in Paris in 1783. It technically lasted for five years. Actually the American Revolutionary War did not start on one fine day or end in the same manner.

A series of events put together was called the Revolutionary War and many important battles were fought within the war period. The American Revolutionary War took place in almost entire America with every state being affected. Finally when it ended, the British were still present in the country and there was still rife among the citizens of America. The war ended officially only in Paris and until then there was violence related to the war in America.

In 1776, the entire British Army was literally expelled out of Long Island but they moved to Pennsylvania. After that The Americans were defeated by the British in the Battle of Brandywine. Even the battle that took place in Germantown was just a break event point and if the Americans won the battle, then the real victory actually took place in Saratoga.
It was the year 1778 which was remarkable for the Americans as they signed a beneficial agreement of trade and commerce with France making the French a powerful ally. Only then with the help of French army, the Americans were able to fight the Red Coats back and gain their independence and victory. In fact, the victory was again spread out where the British were expelled out of each region in a different battle.

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When Did The Revolutionary War End ?




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