Where Did The Revolutionary War Take Place ?  

The Revolutionary War in America took place in several places like South Carolina, Maine, New York, Massachusetts, Georgia, Alabama, Colorado, Texas, California, and almost all the other states. There was at least one war that was fought in almost every state of then Colonial America. However, overall there were some areas which were more affected by the war like Georgia and South Carolina among the United States.

By the time the war started in 1977, the United States government led by the Colonials declared their independence and said that they were forming a new government under their leadership and called it the United States of America. They were not anymore concerned with any British reforms and are not governed by the British legislature. The House of Commons in the British government set out on a battle spree which eventually led to the American Revolutionary War.

In the beginning, the Americans were repeatedly defeated by British soldiers because they lacked weapons and the expertise in war. Several American lives were lost in the battle grounds and this amounted to a great loss. Just in time the American government signed a trade pact that also included aid for the war with the French government. France was a powerful ally during that time. Also, Spain and the Republic of Dutch which were former British colonies joined hands and fought the British rule. However, the war was considered to have formally ended only when the British signed the agreement of peace and treaty in Paris in 1784.

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Where Did The Revolutionary War Take Place ?




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Where Did The Revolutionary War Take Place ? )
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